Why make a self-referral?

Occupational Health focuses on managing the relationship between an employee’s health and their work. Any adverse event in one will have a negative impact on the other. As such it can be beneficial to employees to seek advice on how best to manage this relationship in the workplace.

If you are concerned that work is affecting your health or that a health problem is affecting your ability to do your job, you can arrange a referral for occupational health advice. We are able to offer you work place advice and sign post you to the appropriate organization(s) for additional support, where necessary. The appointment will not generate a report to your manager.

We would always encourage you to discuss any problems you are having in the work place with your manager. You do not need to disclose any medical information to them. Your manager may be able to address your concerns without the need to involve Occupational Health. If your manager needs further guidance, they will also be able to refer you to Occupational Health, using the “Management Referral Form”.

How do I make a self-referral?

Self-referrals can be made by completing the Management Referral Form and sending this to See the ‘Self-referrals Guidance’ document for more details and guidance on how to complete a self-referral.

Employee completes the ‘Management referral form and marks it ‘Self referral’


‘Self-Referral Form’ sent to


Within 5 days following receipt


Employee receives a notification of the earliest available appointment


Employee attends appointment


Within 10 days following appointment


Occupational Health sends information / guidance to the employee


Upon receipt of a referral form, OHS will assess the referral and assign it to a case manager. Notification of the earliest available appointment will be sent to the employee via email within 5 days.

What should I expect in my appointment?

At your appointment the Occupational Health Adviser (OHA) or Occupational Health Physician (OHP) assigned to your case will go through the referral form with you. These consultations usually take 45-60 minutes. This assessment will give you an opportunity to talk in confidence about any concerns you might have regarding your health at work with an experienced Occupational Health professional.

Occupational Health Advisers and Occupational Health Physicians are registered practitioners and therefore work within the legal safeguards of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). They adhere to the standards set down in the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (OHA’s), General Medical Council’s (OHP’s), and other relevant bodies’ Codes of Conduct.

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