Download the form you need as Microsoft Word document, open it and fill in the required information on-screen. The forms can also be printed and filled in.

Send your completed form by email to the following address


Form name

Biological Agents Registrations Form (Word) 

Biological Agents Registrations Form (PDF) 

COSHH Health Surveillance Registration Form (Word) 

COSHH Health Surveillance Registration Form (PDF) 

Dermal Annual Health Questionnaire (Word) 

Dermal Annual Health Questionnaire (PDF) 

Dermal Initial Health Questionnaire (Word) 

Dermal Initial Health Questionnaire (PDF) 

HAVS Annual Health Questionnaire (Word) 

HAVS Annual Health Questionnaire (PDF) 

HAVS Initial Health Questionnaire (Word) 

HAVS Initial Health Questionnaire (PDF) 

Food Handler Assessment Form (Word) 

Food Handler Assessment Form (PDF) 

Lone Worker Health Assessment Questionnaire (Word) 

Lone Worker Health Assessment Questionnaire (PDF) 

Medical Student Travel Health Assessment (Word) 

Medical Student Travel Health Assessment (PDF) 

New Starter Health Questionnaire (Word) 

New Starter Health Questionnaire (PDF) 

New Starter Health Declaration (Word) 

New Starter Health Declaration (PDF) 

Night Workers Health Questionnaire (Word) 

Night Workers Health Questionnaire (PDF) 

Occupational Health Services Referral Form (Word) 

Occupational Health Services Referral Form (PDF) 

PGCE Health Assessment Form (Word) 

PGCE Health Assessment Form (PDF) 

Research Passport Questionnaire (Word) 

Research Passport Questionnaire (PDF) 

Respiratory Baseline Health Questionnaire (Word) 

Respiratory Baseline Health Questionnaire (PDF) 

Respiratory Repeat and Annual Health Questionnaire (Word) 

Respiratory Repeat and Annual Health Questionnaire (PDF) 

Respiratory and Dermal Baseline Questionnaire (Word) 

Respiratory and Dermal Baseline Questionnaire (PDF) 

Respiratory and Dermal Repeat Annual Questionnaire (Word) 

Respiratory and Dermal Repeat Annual Questionnaire (PDF) 

Travel Health Assessment Form, Employee or Staff (Word) 

Travel Health Assessment Form, Employee or Staff (PDF) 

Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire (Word) 

Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire (PDF) 



How we manage the information you share with us

We keep paper based and electronic records of the information you provide to us.   All personal and sensitive data that we hold is processed according to the requirements of the Data Protection Act and GDPR legislation 2018.

The Occupational Health Service collects anonymized statistical information for audit, evaluation and freedom of information purposes only.


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