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Be Mindful is a 4-week fully online mindfulness course that’s evidence-based, reputable and highly effective at significantly reducing levels of stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, rumination, and improving sleep quality and resilience.

Your motives for seeking out mindfulness training could be many; whether to reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental resilience, or improve mood and every day feelings of happiness and many more… mindfulness is one of the most dramatically effective ways to achieve a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

Did you know?

According to a research study published by the University of Oxford in November 2013, on average people completing the Be Mindful course experience a 40% reduction in stress, 57% reduction in depression and a 58% reduction in anxiety.

Introduction to Be Mindful

Watch this video to meet Ed & Tessa from the Be Mindful course, as they introduce the concept of mindfulness and how it can help us.



Benefits of Be Mindful

Be Mindful has been shown to significantly reduce levels of stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and work-related rumination, as well as improve sleep quality.

It will take some work and commitment, but in as little as 4-weeks you can expect to be practising mindfulness in your daily life and enjoying the many amazing mental health and wellbeing benefits the practice of mindfulness brings. 

Learning mindfulness takes some time and commitment; although it’s not complicated and anyone can do it! There’s no quick solution to mindfulness training; like learning any new skill it takes practice to make it a natural aspect of life, but the wellbeing benefits are for enjoying every single day.

You’re in good hands - The course is led by two leading mindfulness teachers, Ed Halliwell and Tessa Watt, who completed MBCT and MBSR teacher development at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University, UK and both follow the Good Practice Guidelines!

Thousands of people from all walks of life have taken part in the Be Mindful course and report truly life-changing reductions in stress, anxiety and depression. The course is easy-to-follow with step-by-step guidance throughout, and in as little as 4-weeks you could develop skills that last a lifetime!

Did you know?

Be Mindful is the only fully online Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course that’s NHS assessed & approved, with demonstrated outcomes for significantly reducing levels of stress, anxiety, depression, rumination, fatigue, while improving sleep quality and resilience!


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No problem! We don’t expect anyone to know anything about mindfulness when they start; everything is introduced and explained as we go along. You can go at your own pace, take breaks, repeat weeks and take as much time as you need on each session.

No, mindfulness can help us all live a wakeful, healthier, happier life; in fact, learning mindfulness can be particularly useful when you’re not feeling stressed as you will develop the skills you need to help when things do get tough.

You’ll need to complete 2 online sessions per module (week), the first lasting 30-45 mins, the second 15-20 mins. You’ll also be encouraged to practise mindfulness throughout your normal day, with 3 weekly mindfulness assignments and motivational emails.

From the moment you enrol, Be Mindful is yours; it is for you and your personal circumstances, to utilise however you see fit. Whatever your motives for seeking out mindfulness training, with Be Mindful you have the tools you need to make a positive change. You can go at your own pace, repeat weeks, take breaks, and participate from any device, at any time, all to fit in with your lifestyle!

We recommend setting aside just 30-mins a day to complete the course in the minimum time (4-weeks). That's the same time as an episode of your favourite TV show. Isn't it worth finding a little time for something that could be so transformative? Plus, you can take part at your own pace and from any device, including mobiles, so you can Be Mindful on-the-go!

You’ll have access to your course library of mindfulness tools and exercises indefinitely, to help you to keep practising on your mindfulness journey. From the moment you enrol, the course is yours to utilise as you like. Everyone is different; some like to practise mindfulness on their daily commute, some set aside time at home in the evening or morning; by the end of the course, you’ll know what works best for you.

All of the video and audio content have subtitles, simply click the CC button on the first video you watch to turn them on.

Be Mindful Course


If you have a question about the course before enrolling, please call Be Mindful on 01273 325136 or email us at

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